These are turbulent, unprecedented times! Our country is divided, the information we receive is inconsistent, and loaded with fear and panic.  An infodemic!

We are collectively experiencing an epic time of transformation!

We have tremendous spiritual teachers to help guide us as we navigate this new world.         Visit their websites to explore as their insight and perspective will bring hope, strength and inspiration!

Caroline Myss -Expert and leader in human consciousness and holistic health, medical intuitive, providing insight and positive guidance.
"We Know Better" video about getting our act together to help heal our planet.

Brenee Brown - Professor, bestselling author, leader in the study of courage, shame, vulnerability and empathy.

Great video on How to  Cope with Grief, Fear and Anxiety.

Marianne Williamson - Bestselling author, political activist and spiritual thought leader.

Mediation video to help boost your immune system.

Good News Network - We can all use inspiring stories!

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